Before You Get Started

Watch This Short Video

This short video highlights the process of creating and triggering a popup, and will give you exactly what you need to make it a nice, smooth experience!

Basic Terminology

We try to make Popup Maker as simple as possible, but sometimes it’s hard to make things as easy as 1-2-3. You’re going to hear these basic terms a lot, so we recommend you familiarize yourself with them.

  • Popup Editor: Same thing as the WordPress Post Editor, or Page Editor, but, y’know, popups.
  • Popup Theme Editor: The place where you can change how your popups look (Popup Maker > Themes).
  • Conditions: When certain criteria are met, the popup will be loaded on the page. Once the popup is loaded, it is now available to be triggered.
  • Triggers: The event that causes your popup to popup.
  • Cookies: A thing that will prevent your popup from re-appearing under certain criteria.
  • Extensions/Extend It: Popup Maker is better when you use our awesome extensions.
  • CSS Selectors: A targeting mechanism for CSS, read more here.
  • Shortcodes: These things used in WordPress, read about them here. Popup Maker has multiple shortcodes, too.

To Get a Working Popup

  1. Create a popup, documented here.
  2. Use Condition(s), if applicable.
  3. Trigger your popup and create Cookie(s), if applicable.
  4. (Optional) Theme your popup, documented here.

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