Terms & Conditions Popups Introduction

Enabling Terms & Conditions Popups

To create a Terms & Conditions popup, check the enable box from the Popup Editor:


Checkbox Styles

Changes the visual style of the agree checkbox:

Agree Text 

This is the text label for the agree checkbox.

Force Agreement To View Page

Checking this will cause the popup to open on page load and force acceptance before viewing the page is allowed.

Force User to Read Terms

Checking this will disable the agree checkbox until user has reached the end of the terms box.

Force to Read Notice

This is the text notice displayed if the user must read the terms.

Cookie Time

Enter a plain English time before cookie expires.

Sitewide Cookie

This will prevent the popup from appearing on any page until the cookie expires.

Cookie Key

This changes the key used when setting and checking cookies. Resetting this will cause all existing cookies to be invalid.

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