Why Is My Popup Not Scrolling Properly/Background Scrolling

If your popup is not scrolling properly, or the page is scrolling, but the popup is not, then you've come to the right place.

Solution #1: Disable "Fixed Popup" Setting

The first thing you need to do to make sure your popup scrolls properly is do not enable the the Fixed Positioning Setting. Find this setting in the Popup Editor under the Display Settings Pane within the Position Section.

Disabling this setting may fix your issue. If not, continue onto...

Solution #2: Use Proper Popup Positioning

If your popup is taller than the browser height, and you have your Position Location Setting on Middle Center, then this could be causing your issue. You will especially notice this because the top of your popup will be cut off as seen here:

Looking at the scrollbar, we clearly can't scroll up any more, but it looks like we're missing a huge part of the top of our popup. When a popup is too tall for a screen, or if there's a possibility it may be too tall for smaller screens, then you must set your Popup Position Location to Top Center. Do this in the Display Settings Pane in the Popup Editor, under the Position Section.

Now it should look something like this, and we can scroll down to see the rest of form as well:

Solution #3: Do Not Use iFrames

Using iFrames within your popups is not only a cumbersome solution, but it's not responsive, and will give you headaches across multiple platforms and devices. If you're using iFrames in your popups, expect problems.

Unfortunately, when it comes to iFrames, there's nothing we can do on our end to make the situation better - this is just the nature of iFrames.

It's highly recommended that you find a way to replace what you're trying to do without using iFrames. The good news is that it shouldn't be a problem to find a replacement solution, as most up-to-date plugins and sites don't use iFrames because of the inherent restrictions associated with them.

Solution #4: Your Theme Is Overwriting Our Styles

The scrolling issues could also be cause by your theme styles. If your theme styles are overwriting our styles, then you'll want to implement this CSS code into your site:

Using this code will give the scrollbars the proper styling so that they work as intended.

Solution #5: Fix the Background and Enable Smooth Scrolling

If everything is great on desktops, and you're noticing this issue exclusively on mobile devices and tablets, then using the following CSS code will fix the issue.

If this code causes your page to jump to the top when the popup is triggered, check out our Why Does My Page Jump to the Top When a Popup Is Triggered Doc.

Solution #6: Disable the Popup Overlay

If all else fails, disabling the Popup Overlay will likely fix your issue. This is a last resort, as most people like having the Overlay as a part of their popup because of the aesthetics it adds.

Nonetheless, disable the Overlay by navigating the Display Settings Pane in the Popup Editor, under the Overlay Section, and enabling the Disable Overlay Setting:

Solution #7: You're Touching Outside the Popup

Sometimes, the most simple solution is the correct solution.

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