Remote Content Introduction

The remote content extension allows you to fill your popup with a remote content source. This allows you to have links, pages, posts, images, and more, open inside of your popups. You can also create an AJAX call to customize the content of the popup, all based on what link the user has clicked.

Remote Content Settings

Checking the Enable Remote Content box will expand and show all of the features in the Remote Content Pane in the Popup Editor.


The type of remote content you wish to load. Choose from the following options:

  • Load From URL
  • iFrame
  • AJAX

Load From URL

This option loads the remote URL and grabs the content inside an HTML element of your choosing using the CSS Selector Field.

CSS Selector

When using the Load From URL Feature, you can drill down and specify exactly what segment of the remote URL you want to load inside the popup. If you're not sure how to find CSS Selectors, check out our  doc on getting CSS Selectors.


This will cause any targeted link to be opened in a iframe inside the popup. This feature works in the same way as the Load From URL type, but with the use of an iframe.

Notice how when using the iFrame feature, you can't drill down and specify what segment of the remote URL you want to load, that is a Load From URL exclusive feature.


This allows ultimate customization, but requires programming knowledge.

Function Name

When using the AJAX type you can specify either a function name, or a Class::Method, that will be called when the popup is opened. For a more in-depth guide on the AJAX type, read the related article below, or click here.

Loading Icon

Choose from six different Loading Icons to compliment your Remote Content Popup:

  • Lines: Growing
  • Dots: Growing
  • Circles: Dots Chasing
  • Circles: Dots Fading
  • Circles: Dots Streaking
  • Circles: Racetrack

More Resources

For a guide on how to setup your Remote Content Popup or Usage Examples, check the related docs below

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