Does Popup Maker Support Search Engine Optimization (SEO)?

Our plugin preloads the HTML for a popup on whichever page it's activated. The plugin activates popups in the page footer based on a set of conditions which is set in the Popup Admin. By default, a popup will activate (preload) on every page of a site unless you specify a defined set of content-based conditions on which to activate it (e.g. pages/posts/categories/tags).

Activated popups provide supporting information to the primary content rendered on a given page. A popup cannot be accessed in the browser at a given url (e.g.{slug-name-of-my-popup} ). That url only serves to provide the plugin user with the means to preview the popup from the Popup Admin. 

Search Engines (Google, Bing etc) can scan and index hidden content preloaded on a page, such as the HTML used to generate a popup overlay layer and content container. The exception to this is remote content that is loaded into a popup container. That content is located from a source remote (external) to the page on which the popup container is preloaded and loaded on demand so it won't be available when the page is scanned.. 

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