How Do I Display a Popup on a Multiple Language Site?

The simplest way to use the free version of Popup Maker on a site with multiple languages is to set a condition that targets selected pages by their specific name. Refer to the 'Pages' or 'Posts' Admin page in the given language you want to target, and pass in the exact 'page' or 'post' name to the Popup Maker 'Conditions' box. Select the 'Pages: Selected' or 'Posts: Selected' condition, and input the page or post title in use on your site. You can input multiple page or post names when setting your condition. 

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Example: Setting a 'Selected: Page' Condition

Your site content displays in 3 languages: 
  • English (EN), 
  • Italian (IT), and 
  • German (DE). 
It contains 3 separate pages respectively named:
  • 'Products' (EN), 
  • 'Prodotti (IT), and 
  • 'Produkte (DE). 
You want to display a popup only on the German 'Produckte' page. In the Popup Maker 'Conditions' box, you would choose: 
Seiten: Ausgewählt'  >> Produkte 
(English translation: Pages: Selected >> Products)
If German is not the primary language of the site, then the site URL on the German-language area of the site will probably have a 'query paramater' added to the end of it. A query parameter is basically a search term added to the end of the URL. The URL would look something like this:
The Advanced Targeting Conditions (ATC) extension to Popup Maker allows one to target any portion of a URL, or any query parameter added to a URL as a 'non-content-based' condition to activate a popup. If the query parameter 'lang=de' or 'produkte' is targeted within a popup condition, then the popup would activate on any page within the site that contained the query '?lang=de'  and/or '?produkte' at the end of the URL.

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