Why Does My Popup Have No Background and/or Styling?

Upon activation, the Popup Maker plugin installs 6 popup themes. Popup Theme settings are located in the WordPress Admin at 'Popup Maker' -> 'Popup Themes'.

By default, each popup is set to display a popup using the 'Default Theme'.  Plugin users have the option of selecting any one of the 6 popup themes to style their popup. Each existing theme can be customized.  

Plugin users may also add and setup a custom popup theme.  Go to  'Popup Maker' -> 'Popup Themes', and select the button labeled 'Add Popup Theme' to set up a new theme.

The selection of a popup theme is set in the Popup Editor at:  

  • 'Popup Settings' box -> 
  • 'Display' option tab -> 
  • 'Appearance' option category -> 
  • 'Popup Theme' selector. 

If a popup has no background or styling, it may be due to one of several factors. These could include:

Issue Comment
No popup theme was assigned An unlikely scenario, because by default the plugin should assign the 'Default Theme' at 'Popup Settings' -> 'Display' -> Appearance'.
The plugin file that builds the popup themes was either modified or deleted Inspect the plugin file directory and search for: '/popup-maker/includes/admin/themes/metabox.php'. If the file is missing, reinstall the plugin. 
There is a JavaScript conflict on the site that is interfering with the loading of the Popup Theme. Load your site URL, and then open the browser's 'Developer Tools' -> 'Console' tab and check if one or more JavaScript errors are present.  If so, this may indicate an issue that requires further investigation to resolve the matter.

If none of the suggestions above are sufficient to resolve this matter, you may need to evaluate a possible conflict with another plugin or theme in use on your site. 

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