What is a Popup Trigger?

In this documentation, we look at what a trigger is, some tips to using them, and an overview of all available triggers. For specific options for each trigger, review our "'Triggers' option settings" page.

What is a trigger?

Triggers control when a popup displays or data is processed inside a form. Each popup can have multiple triggers.

From the WordPress admin, open the Popup Editor. Go to: 

1) Popup Maker >>

2) All Popups >>

3) {name-of-popup} OR 'Add Popup' ( if no popup exists ). 

Scroll down the page and locate the Popup Settings box. Select the 'Triggers' option tab to add a new trigger, or edit an existing one.

The main process for most popups will be:

  1. Set a trigger
  2. Set a cookie
  3. Link a cookie to a trigger. 

Tips on Using Triggers

  1. Two or more triggers can be set on the same popup. 
  2. Multiple triggers of the same type can also be set. For example, a Click Open trigger can target a navigation menu and a button link.
  3. When a trigger is added to a popup, users are prompted within the trigger option menu to add and link a cookie to the trigger.  If a cookie is not added at this step, a cookie can be added later from the popup editor Popup Setting box -- Triggers tab. 
  4. Triggers CAN check for two or more cookies.
  5. Compared to the Auto Open / Time Delay trigger, a Click Open trigger requires additional setup. See the following:

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Available Popup Triggers

Free Popup Triggers

Each of the triggers described in this section are included for free with the Popup Maker plugin. They do not require a paid license for use. 

Time Delay Trigger / Auto Open

  • Description: The most popular of all the triggers is the time delay trigger. If you want your popup to display after a set time passes or even immediately then this is the trigger for you.
  • Uses: One of the most effective uses of the time delay trigger is promoting special offers to your customers, from opt-in offers to flash sales.

See article:  Trigger: Auto Open / Time Delay

Click Open Trigger

  • Description: The click open trigger displays a popup on your site when the user clicks an item, including but not limited to: buttons, text, and links. Click open popups are an elegant way to store and tastefully present on-demand content to visitors.
  • Uses: Click open triggers have practically endless uses and zero limitations. Most popular uses include opt-ins for basically every situation imaginable, as well as lightbox style applications, or putting different types of visual media inside your popups. Click open triggers can also come in handy when you want to add content to a page for users to view, but you don't want them to switch pages to view it.

See article:  Trigger: Click Open -- Overview & Methods

Form Submission Trigger

  • Description:  This trigger fires when a form placed inside a popup is submitted.  By itself, a form submission trigger does not display a popup. It is intended for use with either of Popup Maker's 2 other free triggers ( Time Delay / Auto Open, or Click Open ), or premium triggers such as Exit Intent or Scroll.
  • Uses:  When used in combination with a Form Submission cookie, this trigger manages how often a form placed inside a popup is shown to a visitor. This cookie works with the Popup Maker Subscription Form and WordPress form plugins that integrate with Popup Maker.  See the following articles for the current list of form plugins supported by Popup Maker, and the use of the trigger. 

See article:  Popup Maker Integration with WordPress Form Builder Plugins

See article:  Trigger: Form Submission

Premium Popup Triggers

The following popup triggers are available with the purchase of a plugin extension to Popup Maker and the activation of a premium license. 

Trigger Extension Product Page Documentation
Exit Intent Exit Intent Popups Exit Intent Trigger
Exit Prevention Exit Intent Popups Exit Intent Trigger
Scroll Scroll Trigger Popups Trigger: Scroll -- Introduction
Age Verification Age Verification Modals
Age Verification
Failed Age Redirect Age Verification Modals
Age Verification
Force Terms Agreement Terms & Conditions Popups
Terms & Conditions Popups
Click Blocking Terms & Conditions Popups
Terms & Conditions Popups
Force Login  AJAX Login Modals
AJAX Login Modals
Idle Time Secure Idle User Logout
Secure Idle User Logout

Exit Intent Trigger

  • Description: Capture and engage users you would normally miss with exit intent. Your popup will be displayed when a user's cursor makes an abandoning maneuver. If you would like to explore the functionality of Exit Intent, check out our Exit Intent examples page.
  • Uses: One of the greatest uses for the Exit Intent Trigger is presenting enticing or special offers to users at the exact moment they are about to abandon your site.

See article:  Exit Intent Documentation

Product Information: Own the Exit Intent Popups extension and increase subscribers and revenue

Exit Prevention Trigger

Note: This trigger option is no longer usable. For security purposes, current browsers do not allow the display of custom messages.

See article:  Trigger: Exit Prevention Introduction

Scroll Trigger

  • Description: Your popup will be displayed when a user scrolls a specific distance set to your liking or when the trigger hits a certain element.
  • Uses: Use scroll triggered popups to funnel users and present your content funnel when they scroll to the bottom of a page. Or, present them with a personalized message while they're scrolling on your support page, for example - because everyone needs a little interaction when scrolling through support.
  • Scroll Trigger Documentation
  • Own a Scroll Trigger and add versatility and efficiency to your website.

Age Verification Modals

Trigger: Age Verification
  • Description: By design, the Age Verification Trigger is essentially an Auto Open Trigger with the Close Button Disabled - the Trigger doesn't have any specific features itself. Simply one click setup.
  • Uses: This is the Trigger you'll use when creating a basic Age Verification Modal.
  • Age Verification Documentation
  • Own the Age Verification Extension create an air-tight security system from underage users.
Trigger: Failed Age Redirect
  • Description: When a user fails to enter an appropriate age or they hit the exit button in your Age Verification Modal, we can use the Failed Age Redirect Trigger to keep them from accessing the site if they decide to come back and try again (until the cookie expires).
  • Uses: This is an essential component of the Age Verification Extension that will allow you to completely lock your site down from users who are underage.
  • Age Verification Documentation
  • Own the Age Verification Extension create an air-tight security system from underage users.

Terms & Conditions Popups

Trigger: Force Terms Agreement

  • Description: Popups displayed with the 'Force Terms Agreement' trigger do not have a 'close' button. Visitors must select the 'I Agree' button to close the popup. The trigger requires visitors to scroll to the end of the terms box before the 'I Agree' button activates. The trigger will block access to each page on which it's targeted.
  • Uses:  Require agreement to terms before site entry or addition to a shopping cart is allowed.

Click Blocking

  • Description: This trigger prevents site visitors from opening any targeted page link until they agree to the terms displayed in the popup.  It works similarly to a Click Open trigger, except it prevents the targeted link from working until the terms and conditions popup is accepted.
  • Uses: Any page link on which a Click Open trigger can be set can be targeted using a Click Block trigger.

See article:  Terms and Conditions Popups: Triggers & Cookies

Product information: Terms & Conditions Popups extension.

AJAX Login Modals

Trigger: Force Login
  • Description: This trigger will automatically open your login popup when a user arrives on your whole site, or specified page(s)/post(s). The Forced Login Trigger forces users to login before they can proceed to the site content, therefore the close button will be disabled and removed.
  • Uses: This trigger is the best way to control your content! This trigger is usable with Login and/or Registration Modals, as part of the AJAX Login Modals Extension.
  • AJAX Login Modals Documentation
  • Own the AJAX Login Modals Extension and streamline, plus add versatility to, your website.
Trigger: Click Blocking
  • Description: This trigger works the exact same way as a Click Open Trigger.  When a user clicks a targeted element, a login form displays in place of the popup. Following login, the click open action is completed.
  • Uses: This trigger provides greater control over access to site content. A great way to provide visitors with access to file downloads!
  • AJAX Login Modals Documentation
  • Own the AJAX Login Modals Extension and streamline, plus add versatility to, your website.

Secure Idle User Logout

Trigger: Idle Time

  • Description:  This extension monitors continuous idle time on a web site. When a visitor is inactive for a period of time, a popup displays a countdown timer. When the timer reaches 0, the popup closes and the browser is refreshed.  Use this trigger in combination with the AJAX Login Modals Force Login trigger to display a login form (requires a separate license for the AJAX Login Modals extension).
  • Uses:  Remove and protect sensitive information from view after a period of site inactivity. In combination with the AJAX Login Modals extension, require login to regain site access.

See article:  Secure Idle User Logout--Plugin Introduction and Option Settings

Product Information:  Secure Idle User Logout

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