Become a Translator & Help Us Grow

Popup Maker has always been about accessibility and giving our users the best experience possible. We want to grow our community and to do that, we have to go global! We want to be translated globally, and our ultimate goal is to have Popup Maker translated in as many languages as the WordPress Core itself. This would allow users around the world to have equally satisfying experiences.

We are looking for capable individuals to help us translate Popup Maker globally.

Our Needs

Currently, no language is 100% complete. Those brave enough to help slay this beast may choose which language they want to assist with – we are looking for both Translators and at least one (1) Editor (those who approve translations) per language.

If you are interested in becoming a Translator or Editor, we offer free products in exchange for helping translate portions of Popup Maker or approving translations for Popup Maker.

Current Status

To see our current status and progress on all languages, check out this report:

What You Get

For Translators, every 40 strings that get approved, you get your a 1 site license for the extension of your choice.

For becoming an Active Editor for a minimum time and approving translations, you receive our Optimize plan for one (1) year – a $249 value! If you continue to remain active, your license will be extended!

Get Started Today!

If you want to take advantage of this opportunity as a Translator, get started by heading over the  WordPress Translator Portal.

If you’re looking to become an Editor, first become a Translator, then contribute at least 40 total strings in your chosen language. Once you have finished that go to  Support and submit a ticket using the “Other” Type, then title the ticket “Become Editor for Language XYZ.”

Stay patient, warriors! While signing up & pumping content as a Translator happens quickly, becoming an Active Editor takes some time. Keep contributing and stay active, and your goodies will arrive forthwith.

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