Shortcode: Popup Close

Creating Popup Close Buttons Using Shortcodes

Using the Shortcode Button

If you need to set up a secondary close button inside of your popup, you can do so easily:

Using the Shortcode in an Example

Copy the following shortcode example (below the comments <!-- -->) and add it to the 'Text' tab of the Popup Editor. The content should be wrapped by the shortcode's opening and closing brackets ( for example, [popup_close][/popup_close] ). 

<!--The 'tag' attribute is required.  Acceptable values include:
<!--'a', 'button', 'div', 'img', 'li', 'p', and 'span'.-->
<!--The 'classes' attribute is optional.-->
[popup_close tag="button" classes="extra-button-class"]Content[/popup_close]

'Popup Close' Shortcode Attributes

The table below describes the set of attributes available within the 'Popup Close' shortcode.

Attribute Usage  Description
'tag' required An HTML element that will wrap the shortcode content.
By default, this field is empty. Acceptable values include:
'a', 'button', 'div', 'img', 'li', 'p', and 'span'. 
'classes'  optional Additional CSS class attributes to add to the HTML element.
Useful for targeting the style of the shortcode content.
Set styles on the added class(es) from within your site's theme.