Does Popup Maker Work with Rev Slider?

Using Sliders Inside Popups

If you're just looking for a basic guide to use Rev Sliders inside popups, check out our using sliders inside popups doc.

Symptoms for Rev Slider Users

When changing the popup animation to none, the popup shows perfectly. If you change the popup to use any type of animation, the popup does not show. The overlay may appear, but not the popup.


- January 9, 2015, Daniel Iser, Popup Maker Lead Developer

There appears to be a JS error still resulting from Rev Slider & Popup Maker.

The problem lies in how Rev slider calls its JS. I actually wrote an article that didn’t name names but outlines the issue as it stands.

I am trying to find solutions around those conflicts, but it boils down to they are doing it wrong, which makes it near impossible for other devs to do it right :(.

They bundle all the JS plugins they use including GSAP(Greensock Animation Platform) into one file. The problem is WP has built in functionality to prevent duplicate loading of JS & CSS, but they are bypassing that in a since by bundling their JS. Each plugin should be called seperately in case another plugin uses the same one.

Currently their JS loads GSAP and ours loads it again which is what causes the errors. They so far have been unwilling to change or even discuss change. This issue has now affected at least 15-20 of ours and theirs users. Not sure how many it will take to get their attention, unfortunately.

I will see if I can find a workaround for the time being, maybe just disable our scripts loading if Rev Slider is detected.

Not a Rev Slider User?

Read  this doc, instead.