Sale Terms and Conditions

This document is an extension of the main   Terms and Conditions document, and refers specifically to issues related to items purchased during a sale or promotion time.

Purchases Before The Sale

If you purchase within 24 hours before the beginning of the sale, you will not be eligible to receive the sale discount. You may however receive 20% of your purchase price as store credit. The store credit will be applied to your on-site wallet and is accessible within your Popup Maker account. You may use the credit to purchase additional items at any time in the future. The credit does not expire.


  • If you make a $35.00 purchase within 24 hours of start of a sale, you'll receive $7.00 in your Popup Maker wallet ( 20% of $35.00 ).
  • If you make a $199.00 purchase within 24 hours of the start of a sale, you'll receive $39.80 in your Popup Maker wallet ( 20% of $199.00 ).

Purchases After The Sale

After the sale officially ends, neither the discount sale price nor store credit will be provided.

Purchases Made Without A Discount

Discounts are managed through discount codes entered on the purchase form. These codes are usually filled in automatically during the purchase process. They can also be entered manually.  If you do not receive a discount while making a purchase during a sale event, the price differential will be credited to your Popup Maker wallet for a future purchase.

Requesting A Price Adjustment

All price adjustments are made by request only. They are not provided automatically.  If you wish to request a price adjustment, please use our support form to do so.

Popup Maker Wallet Policy

Purchases made with credit from the Popup Maker wallet must cover the entire price of the purchase.  This means that if you have $20 in your wallet, you cannot use it to purchase part of a $40 item and pay for the remainder with another method.

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