Shortcode: [terms_conditions]

Terms & Conditions (T&C) content typically extends beyond the height of a popup container. The T&C plugin extension creates a scrolling content area inside the popup container by use of an opening [terms_conditions] and closing [/terms_conditions] shortcode tag. 

Inside the Popup Maker content editor, wrap the T&C content that you want to scroll within opening and closing shortcode tags. Any content added to the popup outside the opening and closing shortcode tags will not appear in the scroll area. 

On the front end of your site, the content wrapped in the shortcode tags will scroll within the popup container.  See the example below for how shortcode tags are applied to a sample statement. 

The shortcode also allows users to change the vertical height of the scroll box. By default, that value is set to 150 pixels. Pass in any whole number value for height that you want within the opening shortcode tag. The value must be enclosed in quotation marks, or it won't get passed in.

The shortcode tags create an ‘agreement area’ below the scrolling content. The T&C plugin configuration settings provide control over the set up of that agreement content (e.g. requiring visitors to view page, read terms, display read notice). 

The T&C content in the Popup Maker content editor must be wrapped in shortcode tags to display the ‘agreement area’ box/button below the scroll content. Failure to use the shortcode tags will hide the ‘agreement’ box/button, resulting in frustration and delay in properly setting up your T&C popup.