Remote Content -- Installation and Activation

Extensions are simply additional WordPress plugins. Once you complete your purchase of the Remote Content plugin extension to Popup Maker, you will receive a .zip file download on your computer. Follow the installation instructions below to install and active the plugin extension on your site.

Obtain a Copy of the Plugin Extension from Your Popup Maker Account

If did not receive a download of the plugin extension .zip file, you can access a fresh download from your Popup Maker account. Refer to the related article link below for guidance on opening your account page in Popup Maker.  

  1. The Popup Maker 'My Account' page opens to the 'Purchases' option tab. 
  2. Under the 'Details' column, select the link 'View Details and Downloads'to open the 'Purchase Confirmation' page. 
  3. Scroll down the page to the second box labeled 'Products'.  A link is shown to each currently licensed plugin extension in your account. 
  4. Select the 'Remote Content' link to download the plugin to your computer.

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Install the plugin extension

  1. From the WordPress Admin screen, navigate to 'Plugins' -> 'Add New'.
  2. Click the 'Upload Plugin' button at the top of the page to display the plugin uploader.
  3. Select the button labeled 'Choose File'. 
  4. The plugin uploader will open the 'Downloads' folder on your computer. Select the plugin .zip file from within the 'Downloads' folder. Then select 'Open' or 'Upload' to upload the file to your site. 
  5. From the plugin uploader, select the button labeled 'Install Now'. 
  6. Once plugin installation is complete, select the 'Activate Plugin' button to activate the plugin on your site. 
  7. The extension is now activated.

Activate the plugin license 

Go to the  Popup Maker Admin to register your plugin with your Popup Maker account.  License registration ensures that your plugin receives updates and is eligible for support during the subscription period.  

  1. In the WordPress Admin, open 'Popup Maker' -> 'Settings'.
  2. Select the 'Licenses' option tab. 
  3. Enter your plugin extension license in the custom field, and 
  4. Click the 'Activate License' button.  

The plugin extension license number is available from within your Popup Maker account at either: 

  • 'My Account (page) -> 
  • 'Purchases' (option tab) -> 
  • View Details & Downloads' (Details column) -> 
  • 'License Keys', OR 

  • 'My Account' (page) -> 
  • 'License Keys' (option tab) -> 
  • Key (column). 

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