Can Popups Be Disabled On Mobile Devices?

By default, popups created with Popup Maker are designed to resize responsively. If you need to disable a popup only on a mobile device to comply with  Google's Popup Policy for Mobile Devices, then you can do so quickly and easily.

In the Popup Editor, go to the 'Popup Settings' box, and open the 'Targeting' option tab.  Locate the checkboxes at the bottom of the box and select either one. They are labeled: 

  • 'Disable this popup on mobile devices', and 
  • 'Disable this popup in tablet devices'. 

By default, each checkbox is 'unchecked'. A popup will display on both a mobile and tablet-sized screen unless that feature is turned 'off' ( checkbox = 'checked' ). 

Advanced Targeting Conditions

To create and display popups targeted specifically for mobile and tablet-sized screens, use the Advanced Targeting Conditions extension to Popup Maker

To learn more in general about Advanced Targeting Conditions, refer to the extension's documentation index page. 

To learn more about targeting mobile-specific devices with the ATC extension, consult the article 'Advanced Targeting Conditions: Device Conditions'. 

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