Can I Disable Popups On Mobile Devices?

All of our popups are responsive, but if you need to disable your popups on Mobile Devices only to comply with  Google's Popup Policy for Mobile Devices, then you can do so quickly and easily.

Simply checking the Disable on Mobile Feature box in the Popup Editor will do the trick - find it under the Conditions Pane.

You can also disable your popup on Tablets as well - find it right below the Disable on Mobile Feature.

Advanced Targeting Conditions

You can use our Advanced Targeting Conditions Extension in combination with the Disable on Mobile Feature to create and design popups for desktop and mobile devices. We also have an ATC for Tablets as well!

With Advanced Targeting Conditions, you have the ability to target mobile and/or tablet devices, giving you the flexibility to make a popup specifically for mobile and tablet devices.

To read about all of our ATCs and their settings and features, check out Advanced Targeting Conditions Docs.