Allowed Promotional Methods

How you promote Popup Maker is reflected in the commission you earn! We encourage the use of promotional methods that add value to Popup Maker and bring us legitimate, loyal customers. We love it when our team of affiliates blog about popup marketing and mention Popup Maker.

Here are a few examples of awesome promotional methods to earn more commission:

  • Tell clients, customers or friends about Popup Maker, and give them your affiliate referral link
  • Write a review or a blog post about popup marketing or Popup Maker and link to our site with your referral link
  • Reach out to a broad audience with your social network accounts. Tweet about us on Twitter with your affiliate referral link, post about us on Facebook with your affiliate link, or communicate to your Linkedin followers about popup marketing with your affiliate link. Spam-free promotion is a great way to get more referrals!
  • Provide value to others by answering related questions on other sites with helpful responses, and using your referral link in your replies.
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