Leaving Notices Introduction

Leaving Notices allows you to create a confirmation popup that will display when users click an external link on your site.

Creating a Leaving Notice Popup

To create a popup that is a Leaving Notice, create a popup like you normally would.

Upon installing and activating Leaving Notices, you will have an additional setting pane that can be found below the Popup Editor:

Enable Leaving Notice

Enable your Leaving Notice popup by checking the Enable Leaving Notice Setting. This will add the targeted external link to the bottom of the popup.

Open in New Window/Tab

If you want the external link to open in a new Window/Tab, then enable this setting:

Triggering Your Leaving Notice Popup

To trigger your Leaving Notice Popup, you must target the external URL itself - this means the <a> HTML tag. If you do not target the <a> tag itself, then the forwarding link inside the popup will not forward properly.

Target the external link using a Click Trigger as you normally would with any of the methods as explained in the Click Trigger Doc.