Is a JavaScript Error Breaking My Popup?

If you've followed our  Debugger Troubleshooting Guide, and can't get your popup to trigger, then you could have a JavaScript Error on your website preventing it from working as intended.

To determine the error and what part of the popup the error may be affecting, we need to run two quick tests.

Popup Load Test

First, we want to test to see if there is an error on the page in question when the page first loads. If so, then this could be causing your issues.

Navigate to the page in question, then press (f12) on your keyboard to bring up the browser console:

If you have any errors, they will appear here in red text, and a red circle "x" will appear in the upper right corner of the console, with a number, displaying the quantity of errors. Sometimes, you may have one error, and many errors.

Look for anything related to popups, Popup Maker, and triggers or trigger functions.

If you've determined you have an error preventing Popup Maker from working as intended, and aren't sure how to proceed, contact us via our Support Portal.

Popup Trigger Test

If you ran the Popup Load Test, and everything checks out normal, then it's likely the error is occurring when the popup is being triggered.

To test this, leave your browser console open, then from the Popup Maker Debugger Menu, hover over the popup in question and click Open Popup.

If everything works as intended, then your console should look something like this:

However, if there is an error, red text error message(s) will display, along with the red circled "x" in the upper right corner of the console.

Common Errors

Trigger or Function Does Not Exist

If the error you're receiving pertains to the trigger or function not existing, then likely means you have multiple copies of jQuery being loaded on your site. Properly loading only one copy of jQuery will likely fix the issue.