Creating a Tool Tip Popup

How To Create a Tool Tip Popup

  1. Create a popup as you normally would using a Click Trigger.

Tool Tip Recommendations and Configuration

You can create your Tool Tip Popup any way you choose, but we recommend using certain settings in the  Popup Editor for most situations.

  1. Make sure you don't have any Cookies attached to the Click Trigger.
  2. Display Settings Recommendations
    1. We recommend setting a static size for your Tool Tip Popup with a smaller width (e.g. 250px), as responsive popups might not deliver the best results for your tool tips.
    2. We also recommend using the Auto Adjusted Height Feature, as see below:
    3. Make sure to disable the Overlay, otherwise your site will be covered by it when a user clicks the Tool Tip Trigger.
    4. We recommend Animation Types of Fade or Grow for most Tool Tip scenarios, as well as setting the Animation Speed to 0ms, as most situations aren't going to call for your users to wait for a Tool Tip to open. Setting the AS to 0ms will all but eliminate any type of animation you can see, so in some instances, your Animation Type might not matter at all.
  3. Position Settings Configuration
    1. In the Position Section of the Display Settings Pane enable your popup to become a Tool Tip Popup by checking the Position From Trigger Setting.
    2. You can choose the Location at which the popup will display in relationship to the Trigger. For example, most tool tips are located such that the bottom left corner of the tool tip will meet with the upper right corner of the Trigger. In Popup Maker's Location Setting, this would be considered "Top Right". We offer nine Locations for your Tool Tip:
      1. Top Left
      2. Top Center
      3. Top Right
      4. Middle Left
      5. Middle Center
      6. Middle Right
      7. Bottom Left
      8. Bottom Center
      9. Bottom Right
    3. However, maybe you don't want the edges of the Trigger and Tool Tip to be within pixel-length. As such, once you have settled on a proper Location for your Tool Tip, you can then tweak the Location in a more fine-tune manner using our Top and Right settings (pictured above) - down to the pixel. This will allow you to position your Tool Tip exactly where you want it maximizing your flexibility.