Popup Container Theme Settings Pane

Container Settings Pane

The main body of the popup. Highlighted below in red. You can customize your popup container using the following settings: Container Padding - Change the padding of your Popup Container using this slider and/or input field. In this screen shot, you may notice the close "X" in the top right of the popup isn't affected by the Popup Container Padding - this is because the Close Button operates on it's own settings which are found in the Close Settings Pane.

Container Background

  • Color - Change the color of your Popup Container using the color picker.
  • Opacity - Change the transparency of your Popup Container using our sliders and/or input fields. 
  • Background Image - Only available via our  Advanced Theme Builder Extension (documentation here).

Container Border

  • Radius - If you rounded borders best suits your needs, modify the Container Border Radius to achieve these results.
  • Style - You can choose between eight different styles of borders: Solid, Dotted, Dashed, Double, Groove, Inset, Outset, and Ridge.

Drop Shadow - You can customize and create any type of shadow you can imagine on your popup container so that the popup will jump off the screen! Use the following different settings to customize your box shadow in an infinite amount of ways:

  • Inset
  • Horizontal Position
  • Vertical Position
  • Blur Radius 
  • Spread
  • Color
  • Opacity