Customizing Your Video Popup Player

You can fully customize the looks and feel of your popup video player using CSS. To learn how to get start with custom CSS and Popup Maker, check out our  Getting Started with Custom CSS Doc.

Out-of-the-box, the player looks like this:

Basic Style Sheet

Below, you can find a basic style sheet that changes the default styles for the video player. It has all the styles you need to change the default colors of all of the player elements, and includes some extra styles for changing the position and size of various elements of the player.

This basic style sheet will change the player so it looks like this - it was done in this manner (not aesthetically pleasing) so that it would be easier to reference which styles change their respective elements:

The advantage of this basic style sheet is that we've provided inline documentation with it so that you can more easily reference what you're changing:

Full Source CSS Code

If you want even more customization options and want to invent some trickery of your own, dive into the CSS Source Code. This is only recommended for advanced users who know their way around CSS, as there is zero inline documentation that comes with it:

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