Age Verification Form General Features and Settings

This doc explains the General features and settings of the Age Verification Shortcodes. You'll have access to these features and settings once you click the Age Verification Shortcode button. For more info on this process, check out the  Age Verification Intro Doc.

These settings include three tabs:  GeneralAppearance, and Labels - each tab has several options - this doc explains the General Settings.

General Tab


You can choose between two types of Age Verification Popups: Enter/Exit and Birthdate.


The Enter/Exit type will simply display an Enter button, and an Exit button. This shortcode comes with no other message, as you can seen in the screenshot below, so it is up to you to formulate an appropriate message to your users regarding your age restrictions, etc. Hitting the Exit Button forwards the user the Exit URL of your choosing.


The Birthdate Age Verification type will present a field where users must enter their birthdate manually, and then click the enter button. If the user meets the age requirement, they will be granted access to the site - if not, they will be forwarded to the Exit URL of your choosing.

Required Age (Birthdate Type Only)

When you select the Birthdate Type, you will be prompted to enter the required age. The shortcode will use this data on the front end to check if the user meets the age requirements to enter the site after they've entered their birthdate.

Enable Lockout (Birthdate Type Only)

By default, this feature is disabled, and your users only have one chance to meet the age requirements before they will be forwarded to the Exit URL. The Enable Lockout feature will give your users as many tries as you deem fit to enter an age that meets the requirements to enter your website.

When you check the Enable Lockout feature, you'll be prompted to enter the amount of tries you wish to give your users.

Lockout Try Count (Birthdate Type Only)

The default value is three tries, but you may enter any integer that best suits your needs. Once the user reaches the maximum number of tries without meeting the requirements, they will be forwarded to the Exit URL of your choosing. Keep in mind, this  does not keep users from returning to your site and continuing to enter an age that meets your requirements. You can prevent this from happening by using the Failed Age Redirect Trigger (read about this trigger below under the "Failed Age Redirect Trigger Setup" section).

Exit URL

You may enter any Exit URL that best suits your needs - the default is set to Walt Disney World's website.