Age Verification Form Appearance Features and Settings

This doc explains the Appearance features and settings of the Age Verification Shortcodes. You'll have access to these features and settings once you click the Age Verification Shortcode button. For more info on this process, check out the  Age Verification Intro Doc.

These settings include three tabs:  GeneralAppearance, and Labels - each tab has several options - this doc explains the Appearance Settings Tab.

Appearance Tab

Form Layout

You can choose between four different options for the form layout: Standard, Vertical, Inline, and Stacked. These layout options   only affect the appearance of the Enter/Exit Type.


Here is the standard version appearance:


Here is the vertical version appearance:


Here is the inline version appearance - similar to Standard, but without the divider in the middle:


Here is the stacked version appearance - similar to Vertical, but makes the buttons equal in width:

Form Alignment

You can justify the alignment of both the Birthdate and Enter/Exit Types forms to the Left, Right, or Center of your popup:

Disable HTML5 Date Input (Birthdate Type Only)

By default, the Birthdate Type form displays a date field that allow users to simply type in their birthdates and click the submit button. However, if you disable this feature by clicking the Disable HTML Date Input checkbox, the form will display individual drop down menus for the month, day, and year. 

Here is a screenshot demonstrating what it looks like in the Popup Editor:

Disable Labels

You can choose to disable the labels for your buttons or form fields by checking the Disable Labels box.