Find the Popup Maker Core and Popup Theme CSS


This article describes how to:
  1. locate the plugin core and theme CSS styles from the plugin admin; 
  2. copy either the core or theme CSS styles to transfer to your site theme; and 
  3. remove unused popup theme CSS styles from the plugin. 

Locate the Popup Maker CSS Styles from the Plugin Admin

From the WordPress admin screen, go to: 

  1. 'Popup Maker' -> Settings;
  2. 'Settings' -> 'Misc' (miscellaneous; tab);
  3. 'Misc (tab)' -> 'Assets' (category); and 
  4. Button labeled 'Show Popup Maker CSS'. 

Select  the button to display the plugin core and user theme styles (see screenshot below). 

The core styles used for each popup by Popup Maker are stored in the 'Core Styles' box. The theme styles are displayed in the 'User Theme Styles' box. These styles apply to Popup Maker's six (6) preinstalled themes, and any custom themes created by a user. 

Note: When an RTL language is active on the site, Popup Maker will load a 'Core Styles' stylesheet that renders content from right-to-left. The stylesheet properties, values, and comments are written in English. 

Copy Either the Core or Theme CSS styles to Transfer to Your Site Theme

The boxes that display the plugin CSS are not editors. Their contents cannot be directly edited and saved in the plugin.  

Manage the plugin CSS in your site theme stylesheet.  Highlight the target CSS in either box, and then copy and paste those styles into your site theme stylesheet.  Any unwanted popup theme styles can simply be left out of your stylesheet. 

Select the Option Setting Checkboxes To Prevent Double Loading of the Plugin CSS

When using Popup Maker core and theme styles in your theme stylesheet, select the two (2) option checkboxes labeled:  

  • 'Don't load Popup Maker core stylesheet', and 
  • 'Don't load popup theme styles to the head'.  

This will prevent Popup Maker from loading the plugin's styles twice on your site. 

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