Why Is Popup Maker Not Working with AutoOptimize or [Insert Optimizer/Minification Plugin Here]


If you're using AutoOptimize or some other JavaScript/CSS Optimizer or Minification Plugin, then Popup Maker may not work at all, in any capacity.


All of these plugins offer, or at least should offer, a way to exclude files you choose from being optimized or minified. Navigating to your optimization/minification plugin settings and excluding Popup Maker from being optimized/minified will solve the problem.

For example, AutoOptimize offers this advice from their FAQ:

How does “exclude from optimizing” work?

Both CSS and JS optimization can skip code from being aggregated and minimized by adding “identifiers” to the comma-separated exclusion list. The exact identifier string to use can be determined this way:

If you want to exclude a specific file, e.g. wp-content/plugins/funkyplugin/css/style.css, you could simply exclude “funkyplugin/css/style.css”.

If you want to exclude all files of a specific plugin, e.g. wp-content/plugins/funkyplugin/js/*, you can exclude for example “funkyplugin/js/” or “plugins/funkyplugin”.

If you want to exclude inline code, you’ll have to find a specific, unique string in that block of code and add that to the exclusion list. Example: to exclude <script>funky_data=’Won\’t you take me to, Funky Town'</script>, the identifier is “funky_data”