Why Does My Popup Link to Another Website or Page?

Problem Description

Your popup triggers normally.  However, when the popup container or overlay area ( region outside the popup container) is clicked, the popup redirects either to another page within your site or an external web site.

Likely Cause

This behavior typically occurs when a link is missing a closing HTML </a> tag. Because our popups are loaded in the footer of the browser window, the markup typically looks like something this:

<a href="somesite.com">Text

<div id="popup">

Without the closing </a> tag after the 'Text' term, everything afterwards displays as a link in the browser window. Click anywhere either on the popup container or overlay layer ( located outside the popup ) and the site will redirect to the link. 

Recommended Solution

Find the incomplete link and close it properly with the </a> tag. While the incomplete link is most likely in the site footer, this is not always the case. If an open link tag occurs either in the header, widget, or sidebar area of a site, those areas should be inspected and the markup corrected. 

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