MailChimp Integration Form Shortcode: [pum_sub_form]

Adding a Form To Your Popup

You can add a signup form to any popup by adding this shortcode inside your popup:

[pum_sub_form list_id=""]

The list_id will be the id for your list that you want the user to be added to. To get the list ID of your list:

  1. Go to your lists in MailChimp.
  2. Click on the list you want users to be added to.
  3. Once on the list page, click the Settings Navigation Item which will reveal a drop down.
  4. Click the List Name and Defaults option from the drop down.
  5. Once the page loads, the list ID is shown on the right side of the page.
  6. Enter in your list ID into the shortcode, and you are all ready to accept email sign ups in your popup.

Shortcode Parameters

There are a few advanced parameters that you can use to customize the shortcode sign up form. The full shortcode is:

[pum_sub_form list_id="" service="mailchimp" button_text="Subscribe" name_text="Name" email_text="Email" layout="block" style="default"]


This is the list ID to the list that you want users to be added to in MailChimp


For this extension, you should leave the service set to "mailchimp" or omit the service parameter if the default mailing service is set to MailChimp.


This is the text of the subscribe button. It defaults to "Subscribe".


This text is used to label the name field on the subscribe form. It defaults to "Name".


This text is used to label the email field on the subscribe form. It defaults to "Email".


This sets the form to either be vertical ("block") or horizontal ("inline"). It defaults to "block".


This sets the style for the form. The default style applies some basic styling to the form. You can turn off the styling by setting style to "none".