MailChimp Integration Settings

After installing and activating our MailChimp Integration Extension, you will have access to new settings for your MailChimp Extension and forms.

You can find these settings in Popup Maker > Settings > Extensions Tab.

Default Newsletter Provider

The Default Newsletter Provider is used if you have multiple mailing extensions installed. The default service is used when you do not specify a service. If MailChimp Integration is the only mailing service you have installed, then you do not need to do anything to this field.

Where Should Form Errors Be Shown

You can choose to show errors in your MailChimp forms at either the Top or Bottom of the form.

MailChimp API Key

This is the field you will use to attach your MailChimp Account to our extension so that when a user subscribes via your MailChimp form, they will be automatically imported to your MailChimp Subscribers List.

To learn how to setup this functionality, check out our  Attaching Your MailChimp Account and Service to the MailChimp Extension in WordPress Doc, or click the related doc below.

Enable Double Opt-In

Double Opt-In means that once a user has subscribed via your form, they now must confirm their subscription by clicking a link in an email that is received after they sign up via your form originally.

Double Opt-In is completely optional, but it will drastically increase the quality of your subscribers because the extra trouble users must go through to opt-in means they sincerely want to be a part of your community.

While it will increase the quality of subscribers, it will also noticeably decrease the quantity of subscribers.

When considering Double Opt-In, ask yourselt, "Do I want a ton a subscribers and a lower percentage of clicks, or less subscribers with a higher percentage of clicks?"

Success Message

You can customize the Success Message that is shown when the form is successfully completed using this field. The default is "Success".

Invalid Email Message

Use this field to customize the message when a user enters an email that is invalid. The default is "Invalid Email".

Error Message

You can customize the Error Message that is shown when there is a problem with the submission. The default is "Error".

Already Subscribed Message

If a user is already subscribed when they opt-in, you can customize the message shown using this field. The default is "Already Subscribed".

Save Your Changes

Once you have the MailChimp Extension Settings configured to your liking, save your changes by clicking the Save Button on the bottom left or top right of the page.