Creating Your MailChimp Form Using the Popup Maker Shortcode Button

After installing and activating the MailChimp Integration Extension, you will have access to a new item on the  Popup Maker Shortcode Button: Subscription Form.

Subscription Form Settings

Clicking Subscription Form will display a tabbed window that houses all of the possible settings for your MailChimp Form. Each tab contains it's own palette of settings. The four settings tabs are: General, Appearance, Labels and MailChimp.

General Settings

The General Settings Tab, as pictured above, will allow you to edit the Service Provider, Name Optional and Name Disabled features.

Service Provider

The Default Newsletter Provider is used if you have multiple mailing extensions installed. The Default service is used when you do not specify a service. If MailChimp Integration is the only mailing service you have installed, then you do not need to do anything to this field.

Name Optional

Enabling this feature allows the user to complete your form without providing a name - only enable this if you don't mind having subscribers in your lists without a name.

Name Disabled

You can remove the name field from your form entirely by enabling this setting.

Appearance Settings

Form Layout

  • Block: This will lay your form out in a vertical alignment, with the form fields and submit button in a stacked formation.
  • Inline: This will lay you form out in a horizontal alignment, with the form field and submit button in single horizontal line formation.

Form Style

  • Default: This setting adds some basic styling to you form, inherited (if applicable) from your theme.
  • None: This adds no styling at all to your form.

Disable Labels

Enabling this feature removes all labels from your form.

Labels Settings

The Labels Settings Tab allows you to customize your form labels, if you so choose. These settings are optional - if you leave them blank the defaults will apply.

Name Field

Customize the Label for the Name Field - the default is "Name".

Email Field

Customize the Label for the Email Field - the default is "Email".

Button Text

Customize the Label for the Submit Button - the default is "Submit". This is the actual Label, not the text inside the Submit Button.

Submit Text

Customize the Label for the Submit Button - the default is "Submit". This is the text that is inside of the button, not the label itself.

MailChimp Settings

The MailChimp Tab is populated based on your Lists, Interest Groups and Groups inside of MailChimp.

This tab will not populate itself until you  copy/paste your MailChimp API Key into the Popup Maker MailChimp API Key Field, found in Popup Maker > Settings > Extensions Tab.

If you make changes to your Lists, Interest Groups or Groups after you've added your API Key, you will have to re-check your current API Key (click the "Check" Button from Popup Maker > Settings > Extensions Tab) to refresh the data so that your latest changes will be applied in the MailChimp Settings Tab (shown below).


This drop down menu will show all the available lists from your MailChimp Account. Selecting one of your lists here is where the users who complete this form will be subscribed.

Update If Exists

Enabling this feature means that if an existing user subscribes again, their information (name and interests) will be updated in your MailChimp Account.

Interest Groups

This list is populated based on what you have setup in your MailChimp Account.

If you have Groups setup in your MailChimp Account, then checking the Groups Boxes (pictured above) in the Popup Maker MailChimp Settings box will add users who sign up via this form to those Groups inside of MailChimp.