Test Popup Maker with a Fresh WordPress Installation

Sometimes it’s useful to run Popup Maker in a testing environment separate from your current web site.   Activate a fresh installation of WordPress named 'Sandbox' on your computer.
The WP Admin of your new site will show a login url, username, and password. Save the credentials for reuse. The site expires in 7 days from initial activation. 

Reasons to Create a WP Test Site for Popup Maker

  • your present site is ‘live’, and you don’t have a staging or local development site in which to test the plugin. 
  • Popup Maker is not performing as expected on your current site, and you want to test the plugin in another environment free of interference from existing plugins and the active theme. 
  • you suspect your current installation of WordPress is compromised, and want to evaluate the performance of our plugin with a clean version of WP without impact to your existing site.
  • you want to test the performance of Popup Maker with a limited set of plugins or a theme different from the one you currently use.
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