Why Is My Responsive Popup Taller Than the Screen On Mobile Devices?


Your popup is set to ‘Responsive Sizes’ under the ‘Display Settings’ pane. It displays well on a desktop screen, yet on small-size screens appears taller than the screen. This can eliminate access to the popup ’Close’ button in the top-right corner, and lead you to think the popup is non-responsive on mobile devices. 


Your popup's content (the part we have no control over) is taller than a small screen-size. To adjust, the popup container expands vertically around the content. 
Your choice of popup anchor position affects the placement of the popup container on screen. On mobile-sized screens, a popup anchored to ‘Middle Center’ will extend lengthy content above and below the screen.


In the Popup Editor, go to: 

'Popup Settings' >> 'Display' >> 'Position' >> 'Location' // [Version 1.7+] 

      ‘Display Settings’ >>  ‘Position’ >> ‘Location’ // [Version 1.6+] 
and change the option from ‘Middle Center’ to ‘Top Center’
Now the top of the popup container will be visible on a small screen size. The popup container will move up and down within the browser window, which allows all the popup content to be seen.