Popup Editor Introduction

In version 1.7, the Popup Maker Editor (also known as the 'Popup Admin') is reorganized and simplified to improve user experience. This article introduces the editor, and links to related articles with details about editor sub-elements.

Add or Open an Existing Popup

Within the WordPress Admin, navigate to the Popup Maker plugin menu. To add a new popup, select 'Add Popup', or open an existing popup from the 'All Popups' screen. 

Popup Editor -- Upper Half

The upper half of the Popup Admin Editor includes the following elements:

  1. 'Popup Name' field
  2. 'Popup Title' field
  3. 'Preview' button
  4. 'Shortcode Button'
  5. Content editor
  6. 'Screen Options' box
  7. 'Analytics' box
  8. 'Publish' box

Learn more about each field and option setting below.

Published popups may also be previewed on the front end using the Popup Admin Toolbar.

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4) 'Shortcode Button' (optional).  On the Popup editor menu bar, this feature allows allows users to apply a shortcode to set a popup trigger, an alternate popup close button, or build an email marketing subscription form. On the Post and Page editor, the 'popup' shortcode allows users to set up and save a popup while remaining in that editor.

Related article:  Shortcode Button

5)  Content editor. Where you add your popup content. The plugin uses the default WordPress editor, which provides a 'Visual' and 'Text' tab. Drag and drop editor interfaces typically override the default WordPress content editor. 

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6) 'Screen Options' box (hidden by default). The boxes around the Popup Admin Editor can be set to display or not. The 'Screen Options' area of the Popup Editor contains the settings to turn boxes on or off.  WordPress hides this area in the Editor by default. 
1) Select the 'Screen Options' link to open the 'Screen Options' settings area. 
2) Select your desired Editor screen options. 
3) Close the 'Screen Options' box after choosing your Editor settings. 

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7)  'Analytics' box. This box provides data on the number of popup 'opens' and 'conversions' (user action, such opening a link, or form submit). It also allows the reset of analytics data, reporting on when this was last done. 
Our Popup Analytics plugin extension to Popup Maker provides detailed analytics information about your popups, including  number of times opened, average time open, conversions, average conversion time, conversion rate and more.
8) 'Publish' box. Provides data on the status of a popup ( 'Published', 'Pending Review' or 'Draft'). Popups are activated (available for display on the front end) when their status is set to 'Published'. They are deactivated when their status is set to 'Pending Review' or 'Draft'. 
Note: Deactivated popups cannot be inspected in the browser with web inspection tools. If you contact support for help with a popup that is deactivated, we may request you to temporarily set it to 'Status: Published' for troubleshooting purposes.

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Popup Editor -- Lower Half -- Popup Settings

The lower half of the Popup Admin Editor features a reorganized and consolidated 'Popup Settings' box (see image below). This box includes 4 tabbed options on the left side. Each option contains multiple settings.  Related articles on each Popup Settings option are referenced below.

Popup Settings -- Related Articles

1)  'Triggers' option settings | ( 'Triggers' option tab )

2)  'Cookies' option settings | ( 'Triggers option tab )

3)  'Targeting' option settings

4)  'Display' option settings

5)  'Close' option settings

6)  ‘Advanced’ option settings

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