'Close -- Button' option settings

The Close option within the Popup Settings box contains 2 option tabs. They include: 

  1. Button
  2. Alternate Methods

This article focuses on the 'Close -- Button' option settings within the Popup Settings box.

Set Popup 'Close Settings' in the 'Popup Themes' Editor

Note:   Popup 'Close Settings' should be set and styled in the 'Popup Themes' Editor. The popup theme should then be applied via the  'Display -- Appearance' option settings of the Popup Settings box. 

Close Text -- The 'Close -- General' option tab allows users to override the assigned popup theme's 'Close Settings -- Text' value. For example, a default value of 'CLOSE' set within the popup theme's 'Close Settings -- Text' box could be changed to 'X' for a given popup via the 'Close Text' input field of the 'Close -- Button' option setting. 

To entirely remove the 'Close' button from a popup in order to require visitors to interact with a popup's contents,  install the Forced Interaction extension to Popup Maker

Close Button Delay -- By default, the popup 'close' button appears at the same time that a popup container displays in the browser. [Delay value of 0 ms (milliseconds).] As soon as the 'close' button displays, visitors can close the popup. To increase visitor engagement with a popup (e.g. reading, clicking a link, or submitting a form), the 'close' button can be temporarily delayed from appearing in the popup. 

The time delay range provided by the 'Close Button Delay' feature is 0 - 3000 ms (0 - 3 seconds). The time range slider can be edited, and will accept any value greater than the initial default maximum. The range slider will automatically reset the time range, and display the new input value within the adjusted range.

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