Why Is my Popup Appearing Behind My Header or Other Element?

There are 2 possible causes:

  1. The z-index value for the navigation menu (or site header) for your site theme is higher than normal.
    • Compensate for this by increasing the z-index value of your popup. 
    • In the Popup Editor, go to: 
      • 'Popup Settings' -> 
      • 'Display' option tab -> 
      • 'Advanced' option category -> 
      • 'Popup Z-index' selector
    • The default value for 'Popup Z-Index' is 1999999999. Add a few 0s to the end of each number. This increases the z-index value for the popup compared to the z-index value for the site theme. 

    This typically fixes a problem of this sort. 

  2. Your site theme is likely including the WordPress function 'wp_footer()' inside a <div> with a z-index value not set to 'auto'.
    • Locate the template file in your theme that contains the function 'wp_footer()'. 
    • Locate the containing <div> in that template file, and find the z-index value assigned to that <div>.  
    • Change the z-index value of the page template <div> from an {integer-value} to 'auto'.
    • Move the function 'wp_footer()' outside of the <div> container within the template file.
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