'Display - Size' option settings

The Display option within the editor's Popup Settings box contains 5 option tabs. From left to right, they include: 

  1. Appearance
  2. Size
  3. Animation
  4. Position
  5. Advanced

This article focuses on the 'Display' >> 'Size' option settings within the Popup Settings box.

Display >> Size option (Responsive sizes)

The Display >> Size option provides size and width settings for a popup. 

The Size menu offers 8 responsive popup sizes (popups resize according to screen), and 2 non-responsive settings (auto and custom). The default popup size is 'Medium -- 60%'. 

The default width ranges between a minimum of 0% and maximum of 100%. The units of width are set to a default of percent (%). Other units include pixels (px), em, and rem. 

Display >> Size option (Auto and Custom sizes)

Other (non-responsive) popup size settings include 'Auto' (which automatically sizes the popup container within a screen), and 'Custom'. The default settings for 'Custom' sized popup are 640 px (width) by 380 px (height). Size units also include percent (%), em, and rem. 

Each Custom-sized popup allows for a manual height setting (units = pixels, percent, em, or rem). When selected, the checkbox labeled 'Auto Adjust Height' automatically adjusts the popup height to match it's contents, and removes the 'Height' and 'Scrollable Content' options.

A 'Scrollable Content' checkbox allows one to set a vertical scroll bar within a popup container for content that is taller (longer) than the popup container height. To access this feature, set the 'Auto Adjusted Height' checkbox to 'unchecked' ('off'). 

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