'Display - Advanced' option settings

The Display option within the Popup Settings box contains 5 option tabs. From left to right, they include: 

  1. General
  2. Size
  3. Animation
  4. Position
  5. Advanced

This article focuses on the 'Display' >> 'Advanced' option settings within the Popup Settings box.

Disable Overlay -  The overlay (background) layer is located between the browser content and the popup container. [See 'Popups Display In Front of Screen Content' to understand the layer positions within a browser.]  By default, the overlay layer appears behind a popup when it opens. This checkbox turns the overlay layer 'off'. 

When the overlay is off, an open popup remains positioned in place, while the content behind the popup can move up and down. 

Note: See the article  'Popup Overlay Theme Settings Pane'  to learn how to style your overlay layer. 

Stackable - By default, the plugin is designed so that two or more popups cannot be open at the same time.  An open popup will automatically close before a second popup is allowed to open.  

This checkbox allows two (2) or more popups to open in the browser at the same time.  The 'stackable' option should be set to 'on' for both popups when displaying 2 popups together.

Disable Repositioning -  By default, popups will automatically change size to fit inside the screen on which the're displayed (also known as a 'responsive' size). When 'Disable Repositioning' is set to 'on', popups do not change size as screen sizes become smaller. The popup keeps it's larger width relative to the smaller screen size. 

Popup Z- Index - The CSS property that controls the placement before or behind content inside a browser is the 'z-index' value.  Most content that appears in the browser has a z-index value of around 1. Popup Maker sets the default 'z-index' value for a popup container to 1999999999. The value is set high so that a popup will always appear in front of the browser content. 

Plugin users can change the popup z-index value through this option setting.  There's typically no need to change the value. In most cases, the Popup Maker plugin default value should be applied. 

Going Deeper: Understanding a Popup's 'Z-Index' Value 

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