'Display - Position' option settings

The Display option within the Popup Settings box contains 5 option tabs. From left to right, they include: 

  1. Appearance
  2. Size
  3. Animation
  4. Position
  5. Advanced

This article focuses on the 'Display' >> 'Position' option settings within the Popup Settings box.

Display >> Position option 

The Display >> Position option sets the popup anchor location within the browser window. 

Nine (9) anchor location settings are provided. The plugin default location is set to 'Top Center'. 

Position from Trigger - This option provides plugin users with greater control to position the opening of a popup in relation to the position of a Click Open trigger

Fixed Positioning - When a popup is displayed, the overlay (background) layer is allowed to scroll up and down. The overlay is located between the browser content and the popup container. [See 'Popups Display In Front of Screen Content' to understand the layer positions within a browser.] 

When the popup overlay is allowed to move up and down in front of the content, the popup container will behave the same. The popup container is positioned in front of the popup overlay layer. 

Select the 'Fixed Positioning' checkbox to keep the open popup container and overlay in place.  When 'fixed positioning' is enabled, an open popup and its overlay (background) do not move, nor does the content behind it. 

Note: The option setting to disable the popup overlay layer is located in the 'Display - Advanced' option settings

Troubleshooting Tip

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