Why Is A Form Not Working in My Popup?

On occasion, we receive support requests from our plugin users about a form plugin that previously worked just fine. The form was initially added by shortcode to the editor of a page or post. Then the same form shortcode was added to a popup activated to appear on a page or post that contains the same form plugin ID. Most form plugins do not allow the same form to run on the same page with an identical shortcode ID. 
Forms added to the WordPress editor are typically processed with a shortcode.  A shortcode that uses the same ID will not run if added to both the page/post editor, and a popup that's targeted to display on that page/post. It's not a flaw of Popup Maker. It's the way that most form plugins are designed to work. 
If you intend to add a form plugin shortcode to the editor of a page/post and Popup Maker, then a create separate form shortcode that contain a unique ID.  Add a form shortcode to the page/post editor, and the other to our plugin Popup Editor.  Each form can contain the same custom fields, and collect the same type of data. But their identification numbers must be different. 
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