Terms and Conditions Popups: Plugin Features

Overview of Plugin Features

Note: This plugin extension does not store site visitor personal information on a site. It does not record the visitor's IP address or any other personal identifying information. It simply allows visitor access to a protected area of a site after they agree with the site's terms and conditions.

Within the Popup Editor

1. Use   the Popup Maker shortcode button on the Editor menu to create a terms and conditions popup;

2. Preview the popup directly while editing;
3. Control the display height of the terms and conditions inside the popup;
The plugin automatically adds vertical scrolling to the terms display box if the terms are longer than the display box height;
4. Display two or more terms boxes within the same popup;
5. Choose from among 7 'agree' button styles to display with a popup;

6. Create multiple popups to display different terms on the same site;

Create multiple terms and conditions popups to protect various areas of your site. Each popup must be agreed to separately. Agreement to one popup will not prevent the others from opening.

Within the Popup Settings Box (located below the Editor)

The plugin extension adds two triggers and one cookie.

Trigger: Force Terms Agreement

1. Force site visitors to scroll through the entire set of terms before they can agree to accept them;

Trigger: Click Blocking

1. Disable all functionality on a page until visitors review and agree to those terms; 
2. The plugin will automatically click any previously blocked page element after the terms are accepted; and
Cookie: Agree to Terms

1. Set an 'Agree to Terms' browser cookie when users agree to the terms. The cookie must be linked to the 2 displayed triggers to work.  When properly set, the cookie prevents the repeat display of the popup for the length of it's term.

By default, all Popup Maker cookies are set to expire after 1 month. Users can change the cookie expiration term by editing the 'Agree to Terms' cookie. 

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Target Where and When to Display a Terms and Conditions Popup

While not a feature of this plugin extension, the decision on where and when to display a terms and conditions popup is also important. Within the Popup Settings box, select the 'Targeting' option tab to set the conditions for where and/or when to show a terms and conditions popup.
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