Trigger: Click Open -- Use jQuery to Trigger a Popup 'On Click'

This is the fifth of 5 articles that describe Click Open trigger-setting methods. 

By default, WordPress automatically strips out JavaScript when it's added to the Editor.  Add the following WordPress filter to run jQuery/JavaScript directly in the Popup Editor.  The PHP code snippet can either be added to the site theme functions.php file, or to the code editor of the PHP plugin 'My Custom Functions'

Here are 3 different approaches to call a popup in the Editor using JavaScript/jQuery. 

Method #1: Use the global function '' as described in  the Popup Maker jQuery API.

Method #2: Use the '' function assigned to an 'onclick' link attribute. 

Method #3: Target one or more CSS selectors with jQuery to open a specific popup with the .on( 'click' ) method. 

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