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By default, popups created with Popup Maker are always 'on' (assuming that trigger and targeting conditions are true). The  Scheduling plugin extension to Popup Maker  allows users to refine a popup display with date and time control. 

The Scheduling extension allows users to display a popup by: 

  • start date, 
  • end date, 
  • non-consecutive dates, 
  • day of the week, or 
  • time of day. 

When targeting popups by time of day, users can either set the popup to follow the server or visitor's local time. [A site server may not be located in the same time zone as an intended site visitor.] One or more named schedules can be assigned to the same popup. 

Note: The Scheduling extension does not affect the trigger or targeting conditions assigned to a popup. Plugin users can change all the other options in the Popup Settings box between scheduled popups without disrupting the display schedule. These changes include the popup trigger, targeting conditions, display theme, display animations, and close functionality. 

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How to Add a New Popup Schedule

1)  When installed and activated, the plugin extension adds a new 'Scheduling' option tab to the Popup Settings box.  

2)  Select the button labeled 'Add New Schedule' to create a new popup schedule. 

Scheduling Menu Options

A menu-option box labeled 'What type of schedule do you need?' will appear.  Select from the 5 scheduling options in the drop-down menu. Those options include: 

Menu Option 
When to Use
Start Date Schedule a popup to display starting on a specific date and time.
End Date Schedule a popup to stop displaying on a specific date and time.
Chosen Dates Schedule a popup to display on one or more dates and times. 
Date Range Schedule a popup to display within a range of start and end dates and times. 
Office Hours Schedule a popup to display on specific days of the week and within a range of start and end times. 

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Schedule Settings box

'General' option tab

The following screenshot demonstrates the 'Date Range' menu option with the 'All Day?' feature set to 'No'. This settings box displays all of the options available in the first 4 menu options listed in the previous table. 

Each selected menu option displays a Scheduled Settings box on the 'General' option tab. The available field options are described below. 


Field Type


Schedule Name Text field Empty If a name is not provided in this field, the plugin will assign a name of 'Schedule #01'
Local Time Checkbox Unchecked
  • By default, the popup schedule will follow the current time of the web site server. 
  • To set the popup schedule to follow the site visitor's local time, check the box. 
Start Date Date field YYYY-MM-DD By default, sets to the current date.

Date field YYYY-MM-DD By default, sets to one week from the current date.
Choose Date Date field Empty Field accepts one or more dates, each separated by a comma. 
Start Time Time field 00:00 / 12:00 AM By default, sets the time to 00:00 (24-hour clock) or 12:00 AM (12-hour clock).
End Time Time field 23:59 / 11:59 PM By default, sets the time to 23:59 (24-hour clock) or 11:59 PM (12-hour clock). 
Office Hours Checkbox  Monday - Friday By default, sets the days of the week to Monday through Friday. 
All Day? Boolean Yes
  • By default, each date is set to 'All Day'. 
  • When set to 'No', 'Start Time' = '00:00' and 'End Time' = '23:59'. 

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'Office Hours' Menu Option

The 'Office Hours' scheduling option replaces the start and end date with days of the week checkboxes. It also adds a uniform start and end time for each day that a popup is scheduled. 

The Scheduling Plugin Extension in Action

In the screenshot above, the plugin extension is set to display a popup according to several named schedules. 

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