Enable and Use Popup Maker Debug Tools


Popup Maker contains a set of debug tools that provide detailed information about plugin settings for each popup. The toolset can be activated either from the plugin Admin or within the browser.  This article describes how to enable the debug tools, and the type of information that they can provide.

How to Enable the Plugin Debug Tools

From the Plugin Admin Interface

From the WordPress admin, open the Popup Maker Settings submenu. Select the Misc (miscellaneous) option, and the Misc category.  Check the box labeled Enable Debug Mode.  By default, this plugin feature is turned 'off' (disabled).  

This option provides plugin users with access to the plugin debug toolset.  Enabling the feature from the plugin admin requires Admin level site access. The toolset remains active until it is turned off (checkbox set to 'unchecked'). 

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From the Browser

Debug tools can also be activated from the front end of a website via the browser address bar. No Admin login to a site is required. 
The toolset is enabled by adding the query string ?pum_debug to the end of the site URL. The debug tools remain active as long as the modified URL remains loaded in the browser. 

How to Use the Plugin Debug Tools

Debug tools allow users to evaluate the current publication status or targeting condition of a popup. Popups set to 'published' and targeted to activate on page load will be listed in the Console box using browser inspection tools. 

This can be confirmed with the Popup Admin Toolbar (also known as the ‘debugger menu’) visible on the front of a website. The debug menu will not list a popup that is either unpublished or targeted not to appear on that page. 

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The tools can identify: 

  • active popups by their ID and slug name;
  • the popup theme in use on each popup;
  • the triggers selected for each popup;
  • any custom CSS selectors added to the ‘Extra CSS Selector’ field in the Click Trigger Settings option box; 
  • whether a cookie was set and linked to any trigger added on the popup;
  • all the remaining popup settings found in the Popup Settings box; 
  • the JavaScript scripts used by the plugin, and the event order in which they are set to run. 
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