Theme Settings -- Container tab / Background category


Figure 1 (above). View of the Container >> Background option settings for the Default Theme.

The Container option tab controls the styling for the popup container.  This article addresses the Background category which includes the color and opacity properties of the container itself.

Property Descriptions

  • Color styles the background color inside the popup container. 
  • Opacity styles the density of the applied background color.  An opacity of 100% is a fully saturated color, while a value of 0% is fully transparent.  Default (all themes): 100%. 

Property Default Values for Each Popup Theme

Range: various.  Sets the background color for the popup container. Click on the  Select Color button to display a colorpicker. Each custom color targeted within the colorpicker is represented by a unique hex number ( a six-digit number preceded by the '#' sign). 

The background color field also accepts any specific hex number as input. This feature assists users who want to apply a custom color palette on a site. Click on the  Default button to reset the container background color of the container to the plugin default. 

Table 1. Container Background Color -- Default Settings by Theme

Default Color
( name / hex number )
Default Theme off-white / #f9f9f9
Light Box white / #ffffff
Enterprise Blue white /  #ffffff
Hello Box white / #ffffff
Cutting Edge blue / #1e73be
Framed Border light-yellow / #fffbef

Container Option Settings

How to Edit Settings

  1. Move the slider horizontally; or
  2. Change the pixel value directly, or 
  3. Select the '- / +' buttons to increment changes to pixels.

Preview Changes in the Theme Customizer

When editing the Container option styles, use the customizer located to the right of the Theme Settings box to preview your changes. 

Select Update to Save Changes

Select the  Update button to save any changes to popup theme settings. Otherwise, any changes will be lost after you leave the page. 

Replace the Container Background Color with a Custom Image

The container background color can be replaced with a custom background image using the Advanced Theme Builder extension to Popup Maker.  The plugin requires a paid license which is valid for a term of one year.  Licensees are eligible to receive support and upgrades during the license term. 

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