Theme Settings -- Content tab


Figure 1 (above). View of the Content option settings for the Default Theme.

The Content option tab styles the text added as content in the Popup Editor.  This article addresses the font styles for the popup content.

Property Descriptions

  • Color styles the popup text color. 
  • Font Family specifies the font-family used to style the content. Options include the font-family set by your site theme, browser default fonts, or Google Web fonts. Default (all popup themes): Inherits the font set by the site theme.
  • Font Weight sets the thickness or boldness of the font chosen from the font family. Default (Default Theme): 400; all other themes: 100. 
  • Style sets the chosen font to display either as normal or italicized text.  Default (all themes): 'Normal'. 

Color Property Default Values by Popup Theme

Range: various.  Sets the text color for the popup content.  Click on the  Select Color button to display a colorpicker. Each custom color targeted within the colorpicker is represented by a unique hex number ( a six-digit number preceded by the '#' sign). 

The color field also accepts any specific hex number as input. This feature assists users who want to apply a custom color palette on a site. Click on the   Default button to reset the text color value to the popup theme default. 

Table 1. Content Text Color -- Default Settings by Theme 

Popup Theme Default Color ( name / hex number )
Default Theme dark grey / #8c8c8c
Light Box black / #000000
Enterprise Blue black / #2d2d2d
Hello Box black / #2d2d2d
Cutting Edge white / #ffffff   
Framed Border black / #2d2d2d

Content Option Settings

When editing the Content styles, use the customizer located to the right of the Theme Settings box to preview your changes.

Select the Update button to save any changes to popup theme settings. Otherwise, any changes will be lost after you leave the page. 

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