Theme Settings -- Close tab / Font category


Figure 1 (above). View of the Close >> Font option settings for the Default Theme.

The  Close option tab controls the styling of the popup close button.  The Font category styles the font applied to the close button text.  

Property Descriptions

  • Color styles the background color of the close button. Options: various.
  • Font Size styles the size of the close button text. Range: 8 - 32 px. 
  • Line Height sets the amount of space above and below the close button text. Range: 8 - 54 px. 
  • Font Family specifies the font-family used to style the close button text. Options include the font-family set by the site theme, browser default, or Google Web fonts.
  • Font Weight sets the thickness or boldness of the font chosen from the font family. Range: 100 (light) - 900 (bold). 
  • Style sets the chosen font to display either as normal or italicized text. Options: Normal, Italic. 

Property Default Values Listed by Theme

Popup Theme
(hex number / name)
Font   Size  
Line   Height

 Font  Weight

Font Style
Default Theme #ffffff /
12 36 400 Normal
Light Box #ffffff / 
24 24 100 Normal
Enterprise Blue #ffffff / 
20 20 100 Normal
Hello Box #2d2d2d / 
dark grey
32 28 100 Normal
Cutting Edge #1e73be / 
32 24 100 Normal
Framed Border #ffffff / 
16 18 700 Normal

Preview Close Option Settings in the Customizer

When editing the Close button features, use the customizer located to the right of the  Theme Settings box to preview your changes. 

Select the  Update button to save any changes to popup theme settings. Otherwise, any changes will be lost after you leave the page. 

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