All Popups submenu

This option page displays all of the popups created on a site. The option table includes five (5) columns (from left to right): 



Name Yes The popup name. Used to create the popup slug-name.
Title No The popup title displayed at the top of the popup container. 
CSS Classes  No The CSS class attributes added to each popup by the plugin. Popup classes are prefixed with the term 'popmake-' followed by an ID number ( the post_ID ) and slug-name.
Opens No The number of times a popup is opened on the front end. The count is shown in the popup editor's Analytics box (classic editor) or editor sidebar (block editor). The value can be reset to 0 in the popup editor.
Date No The date depends on publication status.  Published popups report the popup date of publication. Popups with a status of Pending Review or Draft report the last modification date.

The first column ( 'Name' ) is  required within the option table. Users have the option to display or remove the four (4) remaining columns from the table.

Display of the optional columns is controlled in the Screen Options box, which is normally hidden. To open the box, click the Screen Options link in the upper right corner of the admin page.  By default, each of the checkboxes for the optional columns are set to display. 

To remove a table column from view, uncheck a column checkbox.  The table will update with the column removed. Click the Screen Options link to close the settings box.

Hover Over a Popup Name to Reveal Edit Options

When the cursor hovers close to a popup in the 'Name' column, three submenus appear: 

  1. Edit, 
  2. Quick Edit, and 
  3. Trash

Edit submenu

Select this menu option to open the popup editor.

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Quick Edit submenu

This menu option opens the hidden  Quick Edit option screen on the same page. The following popup settings become available for editing:

  • title ( Popup Name ), 
  • publication date and time,
  • password field, 
  • private setting assigned to popup, and 
  • publication status

Popups with a status of Published will appear on the front-end. They also are assigned CSS Classes in the All Popups table. Popups with a status of either Pending Review or Draft will not appear on the front end, nor are they assigned a Popup Maker CSS class. 

Note:  Select the 'Update' button to save any changes in the Quick Edit screen. Otherwise, changes will be lost. 

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Trash submenu

This menu option moves a popup to the Trash. In this state, the popup is no longer available for editing or display.  Move the cursor near the popup name, and the submenu options Restore and Delete Permanently will appear. 

Select the Restore option to reactivate a popup for editing and display. The admin page will refresh and display the previous status page on which the popup was shown ( All, Published, Draft, or Pending ).

Select the Delete Permanently option to remove a popup and all its associated data from a site. 

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