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The Popup Maker subscription form shortcode ( tag: [pum_sub_form] ) allows users to save form data to a custom database table.  The form data can be viewed on the Subscribers admin page. 

The admin table includes up to 6 columns. One table column ( Full Name ) is required to display. The remaining 5 columns are displayed optionally. Column display can be managed from the Screen Options box, which is normally hidden from view. 

Table 1. Table Columns Displayed on the Popup Maker Subscribers Admin Page

Column Name Required? 
Email No
Full Name Yes
First Name No
Last Name No
Popup (popup name) No
Subscribed On (date)

Select the Screen Options link in the upper right corner of the admin page to open the settings box.  To remove a column from view within the table, uncheck the column name in the Screen Options box. The table will update automatically. Click the Screen Options link a second time to close the box.

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