Extend submenu

The Extend submenu displays the Addons and Integrations >> Premium Extensions admin page ( the link is underlined in yellow above ). Each of the 16 premium (paid) plugin for Popup Maker are summarized and link to their respective product page.  View all of the Popup Maker extensions on a single page by selecting the Browse All Extensions button.

Note:  Popup Maker version 1.9 provides integration support for additional forms and form plugins beyond the four shown in the first row of the 'Addons and Integrations' tab. Refer to the related article below for the current list of forms and WordPress form plugins supported by Popup Maker.

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The  Addons and Integrations >> Forms admin page features four (4) free WordPress form plugins that integrate fully with Popup Maker. They include: 

The first three plugins have plugin-specific cookies built into Popup Maker. Read the following related article for guidance. 

Related article:  'Cookies' option settings / See the section: Set A Browser Cookie When Submitting A Form

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