The Data the Popup Maker Plugin Collects

Important: While we collect a variety of types of data outlined below, Popup Maker does not send any user data about any of your users or site visitors back to our servers during our usage tracking.

In order to improve the plugin and its ecosystem, we need insights into how people are using the plugin. Unfortunately, since this plugin is a distributed software using WordPress, there is no way for us to easily see how people have configured the plugin which makes planning new features and enhancements difficult.
To assist us in this process, we have implemented an opt-in tracking system into the plugin. When the plugin is installed, admin users are prompted with a message asking them to allow the plugin to occasionally send data about the site’s configurations.
This is completely optional and can be enabled and disabled at any time from the “Settings” page within the plugin.

Types of Data We Collect

There are a few different types of data we collect for a few different reasons. First, we collect data about the WordPress and server configurations to help us understand the types of sites using Popup Maker.

We also collect data about the popups created by the plugin. This helps us understand what types of popups people are creating and how they are using them.

The Data We Collect

Important: We do not share or sell any of this data with anyone!

Site Language – The language the site is in. We try to get translations made for the most popular languages used with Popup Maker.

Site Character Encoding  – The encoding for the site.

PHP Version – The version of PHP that is installed and used by the server.
MySQL Version – The version of MySQL (Database software) that is used for the site.
Website URL – This is only collected to differentiate the data from other sites to ensure we only have one set of data for each site.

Popup Maker Version – The version of Popup Maker your site is using. This allows us to quickly see the versions of Popup Maker being used. We can use this to filter to the other data to see how newer features are being used in newer versions.

WordPress Version – The version of the site’s WordPress installation

Theme and Theme Version – The active theme and its version number. We use this to ensure we are testing in themes that most users are using.

Active Plugins – The plugins that are activated on the site. We use this to see what are the most popular plugins used with Popup Maker so we can ensure to test with those plugins.
Inactive Plugins – The rest of the plugins on the site. While these are inactive, seeing the most popular plugins installed on a site is useful to ensure we test with the most common plugins.
Total Number of Popups - The total number of popups created by Popup Maker on your site.
Total Number of Popup Themes - The total number of popup themes on your site.
Total Open Count - The total times all of your popups have been opened.
Block Editor Enabled - Whether or not your site uses the block editor for editing popups (enabled on our Settings page).
Bypass Ad Blockers - Whether or not your site uses our bypass ad blockers settings.
Disable Taxonimies - Whether or not your site has our disable categories setting enabled.

Disable Asset Caching - Whether or not your site has disabled Popup Makers asset caching.

Disable Open Tracking - Whether or not your site has disabled open tracking.

Default Email Provider - If you are using any of our direct email integrations, this states which one you are using as the default.

Triggers - Which popup triggers your site is using.

Cookies - Which type of cookie methods your popups are using.

Conditions - Which types of conditions your popups are using.

Positioning - Which positions your popups are using (Such as "Top Center").

Sizes - What size are your popups.

Sounds - Whether any of your popups use an opening sound and which one.

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